The following are questions commonly asked by our fishing visitors. If you have any other specific questions about fishing, tackle, fish species or otherwise, please contact us.

What should I bring on my fishing trip?

  • Sunscreen with a high protection factor and insect repellent
  • Protective clothing, long sleeved shirt, light weight long pants, a good hat (wide brimmed)
  • An old pair of joggers, sandals or wading boots
  • Camera
  • A belt with pliers and knife and line cutters
  • Any personal medications
  • A good set of Mako polaroid sunglasses, preferably with amber lenses
  • Spray jacket or raincoat

Although most items are available in Weipa we may not get to the store each day.

What if I am not an experienced angler?

That’s fine you will find that the fishery around Weipa is one of the most untouched and versatile fisheries that almost any one can catch fish. All of our guides are very experienced in all aspects of fishing including Lure fishing fly fishing and Bait fishing.

Your fishing experience will encompass all the guiding and tuition you need to confidently catch fish and go home havig learnt a lot about fishing.

Am I fully guided?

Yes all of our fishing is fully guided by expert fishing guides that can make your fishing trip one to remember.

What type of duration should I come for?

Most people come fishing for 5 – 7 days, however we can tailor a fishing trip to suit both your budget and the time you have available.

What time of the year should I come?

The best time for fishing in Cape York, is when you can get away. It is far more important that you are comfortable in being away from your work and family (if they are not accompanying you) than attempting to pick the right week to be here.

Traditionally there are better fishing months for different fish species however most months during the dry season produce good catches. If you are chasing a particular species of fish, then give us a ring and we can let you know when you may have a better chance of getting the best result.

Fish’s Fly & Sportfishing operate from late March through to mid December and don’t operate through the wet season (Dec – Mar) due to the possibility of a cyclone. Weather links are on our links page.

Can I take home some fish?

We would be happy for you to take a small package of fish home and you can eat as much fish as you like while here. Fish’s Fly & Sportfishing is however, primarily a catch and release fishing operation. Our resource is too valuable to promote the mass killing of fish for the meat trade.

What if I don’t have my own fishing tackle?

Tackle is available on a replace if lost, damaged or broken basis. We stock Shimano top of the range conventional tackle and Sage and Rio fly tackle.

Will my cell phone work in Weipa?

Yes! we have Next G network in Weipa however as Weipa is mostly flat the coverage is limited to about 10 km from the town centre so expect to be out of phone range when you are fishing.

Can I break up my fishing trip and do something different for a day?

Yes! We can organize all sorts of activities for you to enjoy; Helicopter fishing, Bottom fishing, birdwatching, Scenic flights, 4wd trips or hire.

What do you provide on the fishing boat?

All of our fishing charters are fully guided with fully qualified fishing guides. We also provide fishing tackle if required, and supply morning tea/coffee, lunch, water and soft drinks.

What hours do we fish?

A normal fishing day is about ten hours usual pickup at 7.00 am and drop off about 5pm although this may vary on clients request or if the fish are on the bite we may stay out longer.

Can I come back to the hotel if I have had enough fishing?

Yes! You as the client get to state what hours you wish to fish, if you would like shorter days then let your guide know your preference.

Do we always fish from the boat?

No, not always. Weipa has some excellent fishing from the beaches and rocky headlands. Sometimes you may be better off fishing the remote coast line on foot, being guided while sight fishing the miles of beaches and rocks.

Make sure you bring adequate footwear.

Can we drink alcohol on board the boat ?

Yes! Within reason you can supply your own beers to drink during your charter. If the guide considers that there is an oversupply for the day the boat will not leave port. We do not allow spirits on board. Fish’s Fly & Sportfishing will not condone or be responsible for the over indulgence of alcohol.

What if there is a medical emergency ?

All of our guides are trained in first aid and all of our boats have VHF radios and are for most in contact with Weipa . On our long range trips we carry a Sat phone.

I have heard that there are dangers in the water in Weipa?

That is true! There are many marine dangers in the waters here ie: Crocodiles, Box jellyfish, Stonefish, Sharks and Stingrays etc. Which is why our fishing guides are trained and experienced in our local waters and will ensure you only fish where it is safe for you to do so.

I have a stopover on the way in Cairns, where can I pick up some tropical tackle?

I would suggest you contact Erskines Tackle Shop at 51 Mulgrave Road on (4051 6099) or Cairns Bait & Tackle at 170 Aumuller Street (Tom or Peter 4031 4040).

How much luggage can I bring?

Qantas link flies from Cairns to Weipa twice daily on most days and restricts luggage to 1 item of 23kg so if you have a rod tube I suggest that you tape it to your bag. Extra pieces will be charged at $40 per piece or you can book it online for $30.

Come to Weipa and let us show you just how good the fishing can be!