Fish’s Fly and Sportfishing Charters – Weipa Queensland

Weipa, gateway to the western cape is situated on the eastern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria, and about two-thirds of the way up the western shore of Cape York. Serviced by daily commercial aircraft makes this small mining town one of the most accessible remote locations in Australia.

With protection from the prevailing south easterly winds for most of the year, and a multitude of pristine rivers and coastline for both light tackle sport fishing and flyfishing, the range of species available is second to nowhere else in the country

With more than 55 species of fish available to fly and lure, our fishing trips strive to incorporate walking the beaches and flats, and fishing creeks, rivers and estuary. Our vessels are also set up for fishing offshore for larger pelagic species either with fly or lure.

Come to Weipa and catch such great sportfish as; Queenfish, GT’s, Barramundi, Giant Herring, Golden Trevally, Permit, Milkfish, Spanish Mackerel, Grey Mackeral, Longtail Tuna and many more fish species. Catch Cobia and Golden Trevally off the backs of giant Manta Rays, or walk the pristine beaches and sight cast to cruising Queenfish and Trevally. Almost all of the tropical fish species abound here in an extremely diverse fishing environment.

With purpose built fishing boats and well maintained tackle, we cater for all levels of expertise from raw novice to expert incorporating tuition and discussion on all levels of the sport.

All of our qualified fishing guides have extensive knowledge of all styles of fishing from live baiting to fly fishing and detailed knowledge of the area giving you more effective fishing time on the water.

We can also help you arrange all types of accommodation from self contained cabins to 5 star fishing lodge, with all meals and transfers, and we can cater for individuals and groups of up to 10.

Get together with one, or a few of your mates and embark on the fishing adventure of a life time and let us show you how good fishing Cape York can be.

Some times all times all the planets align and something special happens.
Regular client Jon Clewlow from Milbrook lakes invited some of his mates up to have a week fishing. However Jon is a Blue bastard tragic and is obsessed by these difficult fly fish targets and spent every moment chasing them. He managed a couple of good shots and even caught one during the first 3 days.
On the last day however conditions looked good with blue sky and light winds. Guided by Owey Jon finished the last day with 10 Blue bastards 1 brown blubberlip and 1 black spot tusky beating the existing record for BBs by 5 previously held jointly by Steve Cooper and Chris Burgess. Giving yhem something to chase now?
The rest of the group spent their time catching some good spaniards and tuna on fly.

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Another epic day in paradise ...

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Day 2 with the john clewlow group saw some great sight fishing for Barra's off the beach followed by some nice pelagic action with some big Spaniards and longtail tuna ...

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Great start to the trip for Tony who has never fished saltwater with a flyrod landing over 40 fish including his first sight cast barra and giant herring ...

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A few pics from Chris Burgess from the last Cape trip. Chris says he had a very unique and awesome week and can't wait to do it again. ...

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Come to Weipa and let us show you just how good the fishing can be!