Alan (Fish) Philliskirk

Owner / Operator

The owner operator of Fish's Fly & Sportfishing and has over 28 years, experience fishing and guiding the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria PNG. Fiji, and many other international destinations including guiding for some 18 years around the Weipa area.

Jason (Owey) Owens


Owey grew up in south west Victoria catching Flathead and gar from the local jetties, and has had a insatiable passion for his fishing since. Owey has been in Weipa now for 10 years and working for F,F,& S. for the last 8 years. Most of Oweys clients like his laid back and unflappable attitude.

Mark (Bargy) Bargenquast


Bargy did operate his own guiding business in Hervey bay but has now sold that business and has made time to guide for us for the last 5 years now and brings some different ideas and techniques to the team. Bargy is now a Weipa local moving his family up here and will now work with us full time.

Ben (Notso) Bright


``Notso`` grew up in Townsville, North Queensland and most of his early fishing involved tropical estuary and inshore species within range of a canoe and a baitcaster. Ben now unfortunately works driving the pilot boat however still does guide for us occasionally.His major passion is billfish and brings a lot of bluewater experience to the team.

Justin (Scooter) Duggan


ustin owns “Sydney Flyfishing” so most of the time runs his own business but his slow time is our busy time so he has been working as a part time guide for us for the last 4 years when required and has fitted in well.

Fish’s Fly & Sportfishing also utilize other local guides when dealing with larger groups.

Come to Weipa and let us show you just how good the fishing can be!