Light Tackle

a light to med graphite spin rod with quality spin reel like Diawa Freems 4000 with 20lb braid line 30 to 40lb leader.( examples only)

Offshore Tackle

Med to heavy graphite spin rod with quality spin reel like Diawa Catalina 5000 with 30lb braid and 40 to 60lb leader.(examples only)


A selection of minnow style lures like gold bombers and the Classic brand lures, deeper divers such as River rats and the Warlock lures by Rob Gaden, also some metal jigs like 30 – 40gm Gillies pillies or Gillies baitfish patterns, a selection of lead head jigs 1/2 ,3/4, 1oz, and soft plastic bodies.( examples only).

Baitcaster Tackle

A 5’6″ to 6′ graphite baitcaster rod with a quality baitcaster reel both Diawa and Shimano have a number of affordable outfits.

Fly Tackle

Fly Rods There are many quality saltwater fly rods on the market like Sage,Loomis, Scott etc and any will suffice however fly rods between 7wt and 12wt can be useful in Weipa, however most of our fly fishing can be achieved with an 8 or a 9wt 9ft saltwater flyrod. If you were to bring 2 rods then I would choose an 8wt and a 10wt and you would cover most situations that you might encounter.


A large arbor saltwater quality fly reel with a reasonable capacity of braid backing like a Sage 4210 as long as it has a good drag system to handle the tropical speedsters like longtail tuna and Spanish mackeral etc.


There is a saying in Weipa “bring any fly you like as long as it’s a white clouser”. A clouser pattern is the most used fly around here so it pays to have a few in your fly box.

Clousers in size 1 and 1/0 are the most popular and you could go through a few, however a selection of crazy charlies, surf candies, profile flies, pink things, fat boys, and a few shrimp and crab patterns will ensure that you are covered. Saltwater fly workshop can outfit you with a Weipa pack designed to cover most situations you might encounter in the area.

Contact me via email [email protected] if you have any specific tackle questions.

F,F&S has High end Diawa loan tackle and can supply lures and flies to suit the fish you might wish to deal with on a “loan basis” which means that you can loan it for free but if you lose or break it you replace it.